LA.TE borns from an Atelier with thirty years of experience in the world of international fashion.
A family business that has now become a multi-purpose laboratory dedicated to a new way of working in the fashion industry, with the goal of breaking all the walls that an emerging designer has normally to face alone.
In our atelier in Novara (just 40 minutes from Milan) we provide designers with a complete suite of fashion design. Our services:
▲ Pattern
▲ Prototype
▲ Cut
▲ Fitting
▲ Sampling
LA.TE is an OPEN atelier (by appointment): our designers are always welcome to supervise the production process of their collections and deal with our experienced team.

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LA.TE offers designers a new approach to establish its name in the market.
The collections - not only those made in our Atelier, but also those of brand of accessories (such as handbags and shoes) chosen for their quality craftsmanship - are submitted directly by LA.TE to the shops, jumping any intermediary.
Our meticulous reserch let’s LA.TE network constantly growing : each store is chosen, based on the identity and the target, among those who share our vision of the market.
Thus we can guarantee that every brand is proposed and promoted in the store more suited to his style concept.

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LA.TE represents a bridge between the talent and the fashion industry.
We want to ensure that future generations of designers do not lose the opportunity to express their creativity, while maintaining control on the development and production of its own collections. At the same time, we offer to the stores to purchase from LA.TE with unique and flexible conditions.
Here are the new rules LA.TE:
▲ No minimum production
▲ No sale or return
▲ Extended sales campaign
▲ Custom orders
▲ Store replenishment
▲ Assured delivery